I'm Kathleen, or you can call me Kath. I'm a twenty-something Canadian who's been devouring literature since the womb I think. Some of my first favourite books were childhood classics like Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Heidi, etc and I will always have a soft spot for those. However, ever since I discovered Lord of the Rings as a pre-teen, my heart mostly belongs to fantasy and other adventurous reads. You will see a lot of that being discussed on this blog!

I'm pretty analytical and can get carried away if I start to pick apart a book but I've read enough incredible books in my time that have set the bar high (Laini Taylor is my queen).

So bear with me if I get a bit cynical (okay a lot). Win me over and I melt like soft serve in July. When I love a book, I love it hard.

When I'm not reading, you can find me snuggling my cat, Loki, binging netflix shows, geeking over Marvel films, crying about how Rory didn't end up with Jess, and generally over-caffeinating myself.

In this little blog you'll see lots of book love, lists, recommendations, and reviews. I hope you enjoy your stay and maybe find a new book to love!

Feel free to contact me with tempting review requests, however my TBR is approximately 342 years long at this point so I'm not currently accepting very many requests.

email: sheturnspages@gmail.com

instagram: @she.turns.pages 

twitter: @kathturnspages

goodreads: goodreads.com/sheturnspages